Baylis focuses exclusively on African markets, and has a a Pan-African scope

Though Baylis is focused on generating financial returns for its investors, we pride ourselves on the positive impact of our investments, both in terms of economic development and in terms of social and environmental improvements in the local communities

Baylis is a private equity firm dedicated to African markets, headquartered in New York with offices and affiliates across the continent

Baylis relies on an extensive network of on-the-ground partners in the geographies of interest to source opportunities. In part due to the dearth of alternative financing sources in Emerging markets, we have access to a compelling deal flow of very attractive opportunities.

Baylis' team is biased towards strong analytics and operational expertise. We believe the ability to conduct detailed and highly reliable analysis in the face of lacking information is the most critical skill in Emerging Markets, one that is acquired through years of EM investing experience

We specialize in "old economy" sectors that are the backbone of economic development in the geographies that we cover. We focus primarily on light industry and manufacturing which are our prime areas of expertise




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Beyond the headlines and occasional hype, the on-the-ground reality is that middle market projects and companies in Africa are starved for development capital. Baylis provides growth equity to the most promising companies in these geographies, and assists in their development to capture a share of the growing needs of their population