Made in Africa for
Development and Empowerment
The aim of Baylis MADE is to help our clients grow into efficient, market-leading African manufacturers

Baylis MADE Ltd consultancy and advisory services draw on the ethos and expertise of Baylis by offering hands-on turn around management and strategic advice to African manufacturing and industrial firms.

We support the realization of products Made in Africa for Development and Empowerment (“MADE”) by specializing in maximizing sales and profitability through key management support services to clients, including:

• Strategic management, production process optimization and unit cost minimization;
• Marketing approach consulting and brand management; sales channel optimization;
• Capital structure optimization and capital raising;

• Financial reporting and internal financial controls consulting;
• Human resources management and executive recruitment

The African manufacturing sector has been long overlooked and African manufacturers have few resources to support their ability to survive; MADE seeks to help manufacturers thrive.

With the proper support resources, African manufacturers can dominate their local markets, expand to take advantage of regional opportunities and ultimately aspire to international exports.


Through Baylis MADE, we have partnered with several leading institutions to form the Africa Pandemic Response Alliance seeking to deliver innovative solutions to Africa's healthcare challenges.

"Pan-African solutions are essential if we are to succeed in holding back Covid-19 across the continent. So, I warmly welcome the new Africa Pandemic Response Alliance campaign... A coordinated response to the pandemic, that puts innovation to the service of all, can help reduce the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic."
– Dr. Benedict Okey Oramah,
President & Chairman of the Board